Abs are no more a fitness mark; instead, it is more of a style statement. A man with abs is considered nothing less than the Greek god. Thus, every man wants one but, not everyone knows how to get one. To achieve such a body shape that would make every girl go woo! Needs a high level of determination and dedication.   

Therefore, this post will help you learn some fitness expert tips that will allow you to achieve the desired body shape quite naturally. Most of the exercises that are going to be mentioned in this post are highly related to the abdomen muscles that will transform your stomach from FAT to FLAT within a few weeks.  

Some Essential Tips For Building Abs 

Roll Back: While you perform this exercise, your body will highly pressurize on the rectus abdominal muscle.  

Toe Dip: This exercise will strengthen your core and compress your transverse abdominal muscles.  

Lunge Split Jacks: When you perform this exercise, make sure that you stand straight. Thus, when you stand straight and perform this exercise, it will focus more on the rectus abdominal muscle.  

Dead Bug: This is a useful exercise to achieve abs naturally. But, before you do this, you need to learn how to do it. To perform this exercise, you will need to lie down on the back while your hands are raised and the knees are bent. Thus, properly completing this exercise will help you to concentrate more on the internal and the external oblique, and on the transverse abdominal muscles. 

Kneeling Crunch: As the name suggests, to perform this exercise, you are required to get onto the kneeling position. Doing so will allow your body to focus on the rectus abdominal muscle and the external and the internal oblique.  

Twisting Roll Back: The experts in the business suggest that you should perform this exercise only when you are sitting down on the ground. Thus, doing it this way will primarily focus on the internal and external oblique. It will also concentrate on the rectus abdominal muscles.  

Bicycle Crunches: To perform this exercise, you are required to lie down on your back on the ground. While you perform this exercise, your body will concentrate on trans-versus abdominal muscles and the internal and the external oblique.  

The Jean-Zip: This exercise is to perform while you are standing straight. The result of this exercise will be a strengthened transverse abdomen.  

Sit-ups with a medicine ball: Unlike other mentioned exercises in this post, to perform this exercise, you will need a medicine ball. The benefit of performing this exercise is that it will compress the transverses abdominal muscles, internal and external oblique, rectus abdominal muscles.  

Therefore, the exercises mentioned above will help you strengthen and tighten your core body that will help you achieve abs very soon. You will experience a change in your body within a few weeks.    

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Essential Exercises For Abs