We live in a day and age where fitness and health are becoming trendy. People are becoming more conscious of their bodies and lifestyle choices. Everyone wants to be fit and athletic, sporting a formidable look that displays their physical prowess. Guys are hitting the gym, looking forward to flaunting that chiseled washboard six-pack and enormous biceps their favorite Hollywood actor built for a movie. Girls are following the craziest diets and workout routines to shed some body fat and achieve that bikini body seen on magazine covers.

Isn’t this a good thing?

  • While on the surface, all this might sound well and good, this fitness mania has serious side effects. People are killing themselves on their goal of acquiring their dream body. An obsession with aesthetics has become the emphasis of modern fitness culture. Health and fitness are judged purely on looks and physical appearance rather than athletic performance or overall health.
  • On their quest for bigger muscles, guys develop body image issues. Girls, on the other hand, follow extremely low-calorie fad diets to attain maximum fat loss, which causes eating disorders.
  • Apart from all these factors, there are also other issues arising from this fitness(or rather aesthetics) mania. Young men are hopping on steroids to increase their muscle size and maintain unhealthily low levels of body fat for long periods. Girls, on the other hand, are starving themselves to attain a super-thin waistline and a perfectly flat tummy.

Well, At Least They’re Working Out And Becoming Healthier?

  • Amidst all this, one hardly pays any attention to overall well being and health. One seldom pays heed to how he or she feels, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Even fitness “experts” and “gurus” recommend fitness routines that are solely based on achieving a certain kind of physique.
  • Nutritional aspects are often overlooked, which leads to poor dietary choices. The importance of healthy, wholesome foods over ridiculous calorie counting methods is never highlighted.

It is not downright wrong to want to look good; however, an unhealthy obsession with it can have disastrous consequences. Our overall health and longevity should be a priority. Long-term fitness should be our motto. It is possible to have a decent looking physique with good overall health. Fitness should provide us with better energy levels, athleticism and overall quality of life.

Mind Over Muscle

  • In addition to these factors, one must also include mental health and well being. It’s of no use to have the most sculpted Adonis body or a drool-worthy figure if you are messed up in the head.
  • Unhealthy mental patterns have been shown to increase cortisol(the stress hormone)levels. Increased cortisol levels are associated with lower testosterone levels and prolonged recovery time. The body cannot perform optimally under stress, and this has been verified by tons of scientific research available on the subject.
  • Also, spiritual practices induce a sense of peace and calmness in an individual, which betters mental satiety.

Live Fit, Live Strong, Live Muscular For Life!

Fitness is a broad term encompassing a lot of qualities needed for living a happy, peaceful and long life. Fitness is a long-term commitment and not merely a 12-week transformation plan or a bikini body guide. There is more to health and fitness than to probably anything else in life. Our bodies should be treated like a temple, nourished with loving care and adequate nutrition. So let us live healthy, live fit and make fitness your goal for longevity!

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